Ultimate Coupons offers coupons and deals for a variety of stores. The redesign needed to balance some quirky stakeholder requirements, user needs, and web best practices. The target audience is women in their 30s. Ultimate Coupons also has a blog with a variety of content types.

Store page shown on various devices.

The merchant pages primarily serve to feature curated coupons and discounts, but Ultimate Coupons also has Savings Tips, a Most Popular Days widget, and similar stores. A/B tests are being used to determine which layout yields the highest click-through rates, highest engagement, and lowest bounce rate.

Homepage shown on multiple devices.

The homepage redesign needed to have a carousel, two blog posts, two listicles, several coupons, and featured merchants. It also needed to be responsive and designed from the desktop down.

Ultimate Coupon's blog shown on multiple devices

The new WordPress blog template needed to be “foolproof” for the various freelance bloggers that may not be WordPress-savvy (and probably don’t know how to edit photos without stretching them).

My design goals stressed legibility (such as conforming to the WCAG contrast guidelines) and trustworthiness. I wanted the site and blog to look clean and use subtle animations without impacting the functionality or the browsing experience.

Roles in this project: Visual and Interaction design, wireframes/layout (in collaboration with product manager)

  • Date: April 2014 - December 2015
  • Client: Internet Brands
  • Categories: Visual Design, Interaction Design, UX/UI, Responsive Web Design, Mobile