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Stephanie Froehner

Famous Marshmallow: My 2023 Redesign

Netlify names your site a random combo of words when you launch. Mine was dubbed Famous Marshmallow.


I’m finally on my real URL now, but I’ll kinda miss the old Famous Marshmallow Netlify subdomain!

The old portfolio site

Screenshot of the original homepage Screenshot of a case study

Launching today

Screenshot of the new homepage design Screenshot of the blog in dark mode


  • Markdown instead of an additional CMS to complicate things
  • Rebrand! Been feeling this cute strawberry motif lately.
  • Dark mode!
  • A blog!

Next steps

Lighthouse scores

  • My new site is still a work in progress (like, I really want images to look/work better, 100s in Lighthouse, and to be a PWA), but I’m stoked to get it out!

Quick recommendation

Balder’s Gate 3 on Playstation. I’m playing a split-screen co-op campaign with my partner right now… I see how many hours we’ve put into this game and I’m in denial. It’s SO much fun though. Obsessed with Raphael’s Final Act.